Christmas Hampers - Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a Christmas hamper now but have it delivered in December?

Yes! While ordering your Christmas hampers online, you will be given an option when you would like delivery (step 2 in our ordering process). It will look like this:

Once you finalise your order, it will be ordered, locked in and dispatched based on the date you have selected.

For any other delivery times/dates, please call us on 1300 131 151 to enquire with one of our staff members.

I have a large order of Christmas hampers to place. What is the quickest way to order these?

The fastest and easiest way to do this is to download our Christmas bulk order form from our homepage. It's presented in an excel format. Fill this out and email it to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will quickly contact you to confirm your order. You will also have the option to select which Christmas delivery date you prefer on this form.

How are our Christmas hampers presented?

Our Christmas gift hampers look absolutely amazing. They are presented in a closed lid Christmas gift box featuring a snow white and gold Christmas designed theme. Our Christmas gift cards have the same Christmas theme, making our Christmas gift boxes and gift cards a perfect match! As always, each and every gift hamper is designed where every product is perfectly placed into our gift boxes and cannot move around so when your client unwraps their gift box, it's beautifully presented the same as we left it!

Do you have any special offers?

Yes, we have our 'Customer Loyalty Club' where for an annual membership fee of $25.00, you will receive FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE on all our hampers including Christmas hampers for 12 months!

If a Christmas hamper is sold out, can I still order it?

Unfortunately no. We only have a set amount of each hamper that we produce. Once this is sold out, that is it. We recommend you please place your orders as early as possible to avoid this from happening. Traditionally, our Christmas hampers will start selling out late in November/early December. Most/all of our Christmas hampers will be sold out by the end of Christmas. The best advice is to get in early!

What type of delivery service do you use and do you deliver Australia wide?

We use only the most professional and fastest air freighted next business day couriers and we deliver Australia wide. Each hamper is fully tracked from the moment they leave our gift warehouse ensuring a smooth, efficient and reliable delivery.

What if no one is at the delivery address to receive and sign for the hamper?

Please select your delivery address with thought and care. There is a $14.95 redirection fee for all deliveries (each hamper) when the delivery address is unattended and is unable to be signed for, and the courier driver cannot leave the hamper in a safe location at the delivery address. This is a fee issued by the courier, not First Class Hampers. If this happens, the courier will then leave a calling card with a phone number for the recipient to call and arrange a more suitable day for delivery. This is where the redirection fee will be applied to your account or credit card.

Can you facilitate large bulk orders?

Yes! In fact there is no hamper company in Australia that does it better. In recent years, we facilitated a Christmas bulk order of 2600 hampers, delivered to 815 different locations across Australia. The result was that each hamper was delivered on time, in perfect condition and with no fuss or delays. The customer feedback was that they were the best hampers they had ever ordered and the customer service experience during the entire process was first class. (This company placed another hamper order of 2900 hampers with us again the following Christmas on the back of our strengths in producing Australia's best hampers, providing incredible delivery logistics and our first class customer service.)

Do you make up all your Christmas hampers yourselves or is it outsourced?

All our hampers are made in-house in our gift warehouse including processing and printing each and every gift card and delivery label. We will never outsource any part of this process. Our managing director is extremely particular with the presentation of every First Class Hamper and the logistics of ensuring every Christmas gift card and delivery label matches with every hamper. We believe that if you start outsourcing something as important as gift hampers to customers, colleagues, friends and family, you start to lose control of what makes First Class Hampers stand out from the rest... Australia's best hampers, perfect gift card and delivery label matching and timely dispatch and delivery!

Can I swap/remove/add products in your Christmas hampers?

Unfortunately no. Our hampers are designed so each and every product fits perfectly inside each gift box (like a perfect jigsaw). We do this for two main reasons. One: because it looks amazing... seeing how every product has been designed to fit so perfectly together; and two: so there is no movement between products and therefore heavier products can potential damage or squash other products.